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How far does your income protection go?

Injured police officer with billsThe Metfriendly Income Protection Plan keeps the money coming in if your income is taken away. We’ve designed it to be the most comprehensive cover on the market for the police, with many features you will not find elsewhere.

Check out the benefits of our Income Protection Plan:

  • Receive tax-free monthly payments if you suffer a long-term illness or injury or are medically retired on physical grounds
  • Receive a cash lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a specified critical illness
  • Our Nurse Support service* – specialist long-term practical health advice and emotional support over the phone, available whether you are claiming or not.

Get 6 months premium-free

This promotion has ended – please see our promotions page for our current promotions

* Metfriendly Nurse Support is a support service, provided by a third party that is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This service is not part of our terms and conditions, so can be amended or withdrawn at any time.

6 Months Premium-Free Promotion Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotion is only open to serving members of the police service
  2. Eligibility for the plans is subject to medical underwriting, where we assess if cover can be offered based on information about your health
  3. Application must be received by 31 December 2017 with a policy start no later than 1 February 2018
  4. You are not covered until medical underwriting has been completed and we receive your signed acceptance letter
  5. Our decision whether to provide cover or not is final
  6. If you are accepted for an Income Protection plan we will provide premium-free cover for 6 full months’ plus the month your application is accepted
  7. A valid promotion code must be included on the application form (electronic or paper) or quoted over the phone.

Great opportunity for family members to be offered the same offers as members.

Miss A McLeary, ESB

‘I would recommend Metfriendly to everyone.’

Mrs V Thompson, Dagenham

Good service – always very helpful and informative.

Miss J Coward, South Norwood, London

‘I have always been pleased with the returns from my Metfriendly policies.’

Mr P Payne, Bordon

Very happy with the service. I have a number of policies for myself and my children.

Police Sergeant S Drysdale, DPS Borough Support

‘I’ve used Metfriendly for the last 5 years and recently the money has gone towards a deposit for our house. I will be signing back up next year to help save towards my kids future.’

Mrs A Cooper, Met CC, Bow

‘Hassle-free savings that are started every year on my behalf, without me having to call up.’


D.C. R McLaren, Hackney Borough Stations

‘I’ve used Metfriendly for the last 5 years and recently the money has gone towards a deposit for our house which we are moving into next month. I will be signing back up next month to help save towards my kids future.’


Amanda Cooper (Met CC, Bow)

‘Very pleased with the service I’ve received to help me save money direct from my salary.’

DC Chris W, SO15