Table 12 – Qualifying 10 Year Option Plan

For our investment and saving products, the benefits, terms and conditions are described generally in our Rules and more specifically in a “Table”.

Table 12

This is a with profit whole of life assurance with premiums payable for the first 10 years only. It provides for a capital sum (the Sum Assured) payable on death at any time.

The maximum age last birthday at commencement is 54 for non-smokers or 49 for smokers. Until 31 December 2012 it was available at higher ages for a reduced sum assured.

Non-Smoker Smoker
at Entry
Sum Assured
for each £10 of
monthly premium
at Entry
Sum Assured
for each £10 of
monthly premium
Up to 54 1,120 Up to 49 1,120
55-64* 1,060* 50-59* 1,060*

*No longer available

Bonuses. Rule 4 applies. Bonuses may be payable at different rates during the first 10 years (while regular premiums are being paid) and thereafter (when no further premiums are payable).

Surrender. Rule 3(8) applies, except that if the contract is surrendered at the end of 10 years from the commencement date, or at any anniversary thereafter, the surrender value will be the full Sum Assured and Bonuses then attaching (including terminal bonus if applicable).

Unpaid premiums. See Rule 8.

Paid-up values. See Rule 3(9).

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