Police Pensions Resource Page

Pension Lump Sums

Get useful information about how to handle your commutation.

Pension Reforms

In 2015 the Police Pension Schemes underwent major changes….and Metfriendly are here to help you understand them.

Met Federation’s Pensions Advisor Glenda Whitley

Read Met Federation’s Pension Advisor, Glenda Whitley expert advice on police pensions.

Common Police Pension Questions

Find out the most common questions asked of Federation Pensions Advisor Glenda Whitley.

Very happy with the service. I have a number of policies for myself and my children.

Police Sergeant S Drysdale, DPS Borough Support

Good service – always very helpful and informative.

Miss J Coward, South Norwood, London

Great opportunity for family members to be offered the same offers as members.

Miss A McLeary, ESB

‘Hassle-free savings that are started every year on my behalf, without me having to call up.’


D.C. R McLaren, Hackney Borough Stations

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