Market Value Reductions

A Market Value Reduction (“MVR”) may be applied to your accumulated premiums when you surrender an ISA, With-Profit Bond or Flexible Savings Plan.

Premiums attract annual bonuses throughout the period of the plan but, following a period of adverse investment experience, your accumulated premiums may exceed the value of the assets that we hold to back your plan. To avoid our other members experiencing an unacceptable loss when you surrender in these circumstances, we may apply an MVR.

MVRs do not currently apply. They last applied from October 2008 to September 2009.

Good service – always very helpful and informative.

Miss J Coward, South Norwood, London

Great opportunity for family members to be offered the same offers as members.

Miss A McLeary, ESB

Very happy with the service. I have a number of policies for myself and my children.

Police Sergeant S Drysdale, DPS Borough Support

‘Hassle-free savings that are started every year on my behalf, without me having to call up.’


D.C. R McLaren, Hackney Borough Stations

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