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Seminars with experts to offer you a helping hand with your next steps in life

We offer educational seminars covering a range of finance related topics. Whether you are thinking about taking your first steps on the property ladder, saving for younger family members or are planning for your retirement, we can provide you with expert help in considering your options properly. 

If you’d like us to host one in your borough or be part of a training day, we’d love to hear from you. We cover money management issues including police pensions, wills, home-buying, debt management and more. Please email us with your requirements.  

Retirement seminars

These seminars will provide important financial information for those who are five years or less from retirement and have big financial decisions coming up.

Pension “myth-busting” webinars

These webinars are ideal for those looking to understand more about the Police Pension. There are a lot of myths flying around and Police Officers want to know the facts. 

Dedicated sessions for probationary Officers are also available to book.

Enhanced Return Scheme Pension webinars

These webinars are for Police Officers who previously retired from the Met but are looking to return as an attested Officer after a short break of service. This session will provide all the information you need to know about your pension options on the Enhanced Return Scheme.

New recruits webinars

We’re here to help you settle in and find out about starting your Police pension, transferring existing pensions as well as information on Metfriendly products and services.

Family finance webinars

While you’re earning a steady income it’s important to try to save too. Your savings could help pay for the things that make family life more rewarding. 

Join us for 30 minutes and see how we can help you take advantage of savings plans and tax-free allowances.

"Saving regularly" webinars

Getting your finances in order at the beginning of your career in the Police service is important and can set you up for the years to come.

Our webinars will give you the lowdown on savings plans that could help you in the long run, how to shelter your savings from the tax man and how to get £30,000 of free money from the Government.