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125 years of Serving the Met!

In 2018 we celebrated 125 years of Metfriendly.

In 1893 a team of volunteers got together and formed the Metropolitan Police Provident Association to help and support the widows of fallen colleagues, and retiring officers. After the war, in 1948 we became the Metropolitan Police Friendly Society, which it has been know as ever since.

Following our AGM in June, our board of directors held a special 125th anniversary party, which gave us the opportunity to reflect back on the success of the Society over the last 125 years. The attendees of our celebration party included our members, former and current employees of the Society, our board of directors and our Honorary President and Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick.

Cressida took the opportunity to give a speech of thanks to us for supporting the people working for The Met over the last 125 years.  After her speech, we raised a toast to those volunteers back in 1893 who started an organisation that in time has helped thousands of police officers, staff and their relatives become financially secure and better prepared for a prosperous future. Without those individuals Metfriendly would not be in existence, so we thank them greatly. 

Reaching 125 years however, would not have been possible without the excellent staff that have worked for the organisation throughout this time. We have attracted talented individuals to come to work for the Society from the field team right up to the board of directors since our formation in 1893 and without these people, our society wouldn’t have stayed in existence.

Most importantly it’s really all about you – our members, shareholders and advocates that have come to us for police friendly financial products over the last 125 years. Whether you have chosen to come to us for savings, insurance or to attend a seminar filled with information that will prepare you for retirement from the police service, we are extremely grateful for your custom over the years. Without you seeing the value in our products and services, we would not be able to run this business, so we’d like to say thank you for your support over the last 125 years. Here is to the next 125!

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