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Financial Concerns of London’s Police Officers and Staff

We recently interviewed 664 Met Police Officers and staff. By speaking to you we learned not only about the pressures of your job, but we also got an in-depth understanding of your financial life. 

We’ve already used this new insight to help us deliver better products and services tailored specifically to you. However, we feel it’s important to share with you some of the interesting findings we’ve unearthed.

This fun infographic highlights some of the most important financial concerns currently facing Met Police officers and staff, as well as interesting facts about your saving and spending habits.

Meet Josh, Helen and Ian

All three are based upon real Officers just like you, see how you compare!

josh-30.png  helen2.png ian45.png

Click on one of the profiles above to find out more about their concerns.


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As you transition through life and your career you will face many financial challenges including:

  • Buying your first home
  • Saving for your childrens’ and grandchildrens’ future
  • Planning your retirement
  • Investing Lump Sums
  • Dealing with the unexpected

This is the first of our new guides and tips aimed at helping you navigate through these challenges by providing you and your family with timely advice and information.



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