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Benefits for ALL of the Police Family

Metfriendly are here to help improve your financial wellbeing. With the cost of living on the rise, it’s important not to let things get out of hand, so now might be the time to review your finances and make changes. Why not look to Metfriendly to help you make some financial improvements?

What can Metfriendly do for YOU?

Usually, you’ll find Metfriendly’s Field Team staff out and around Police locations, stations, supporting New Recruits or at Passing Out Parades. But these days we’re also meeting you via Teams calls or our webinars helping you with pension queries, pay queries and explaining our savings and protection products.

On our way, we’ve discovered not all of you are aware who we are, or of the benefits of Metfriendly.

Who are Metfriendly?

  • We are financial experts specifically dedicated to providing financial solutions to meet the needs of the UK Police Family
  • We have around 17,000 Members (if you have a policy with us, you are a Member).

Many of the staff at Metfriendly have arrived here because of their connections to the Police. Some are ex-Job, some have partners or family members in the Service – so we care about the same things you do and we’re dedicated to helping you with your finances.

Some things you ought to know

1.  Savings plans for family members and all ages

Help the whole family to save or set up a younger family member financially for the future.

Our eligibility criteria extends to other members of your family not in the Police, so they can take advantage of our products. Family members of serving, former and retired UK Police are all eligible to have products with us.

That could be a plan that you save into regularly or deposit a one-off lump sum into.

“Save regularly” savings plan

Invest a lump sum

2.  The only Police focused organisation to offer a Lifetime ISA

If you or your family members are aged 18 to 39, then take a look at our Lifetime ISA.

The Lifetime ISA is a great way to build a deposit for a first home, with access to free government money, so everything saved instantly grows by 25%. It could be a way to get onto the property ladder quicker. You can then continue to save into a Lifetime ISA until age 50, saving alongside your pension for retirement.

That 25% government contribution means every tax year your £4,000 (the maximum contribution per tax year) saving becomes £5,000. In addition to that, Metfriendly awards annual “bonuses” to grow your pot even further.

The Metfriendly Lifetime ISA

3.  Invest for growth

Many of us are guilty of spoiling the kids or grandkids with gifts and pocket money here and there. If you like spending a little more on your younger ones and would like to invest in their future, then take a look at our children’s savings plans like our Junior ISA. As your investment grows over time, you could be helping them with their first home deposit or building a nest egg to give them a great start in adult life.

Junior ISA

4.  National coverage

We are the Metropolitan Police Friendly Society, but don’t let our name deceive you! Met, City of London, wider County Forces, you are all welcome.

Our historical links to the Met hark back to 1893, but nearly 130 years later, we’ve grown and serve the UK Police Family, offering our own savings and investment products, tailored to your needs.

5.  Serving, former and retired

It’s great to have savings plans running while you’re in Service, but if you’ve left or retired, it’s not too late to start a Metfriendly savings plan. We’re still here to help former and retired Officers and Staff, so get in touch.

6.  Contribute to your savings plan, direct from your salary

Currently, if you’re a serving Met or City of London Police Officer or Met Police Staff, paying into a Metfriendly savings plan, we can deduct your contributions directly from your salary. This great benefit helps make saving even easier. You can check on the value of your plan at any time.

If you’re not eligible for salary deducation, simply set up a direct debit… easy!

7.  Unlimited protection for your savings 

Metfriendly policies are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) for insurance products. This means that there is no upper limit on the amount protected, unlike the FSCS Deposit and Investment schemes which are limited to £85,000 per person per company.

Have a chat with us today!

Speak to one of our friendly representatives today and see how we can help you and your family save, invest or protect.

Our phone lines are open 08:30 to 17:00 Monday to Thursday and 08:30 to 16:30 on Friday – call 01689 891454 or request a call back at a time convenient for you.


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