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National Police Memorial Day 2018

We pay our respects to those Officers that tragically lost their lives in the line of duty.

This weekend the police community came together in Belfast for the 2018 National Police Memorial Day.

This is a day when the police as well as the victims loved ones remember those police officers who have been killed or died whilst on duty. We support the National Police Memorial Day charity by selling merchandise at our events and attend the ceremony to show solidarity with the relatives, friends and colleagues of fallen officers and demonstrate that their sacrifice is not forgotten.

This year marked the 15th National Police Memorial Day since it began. Our Chair and former Met Chief Superintendent Joanna Young was present and said:

“It is always such a privilege to be able to attend the National Police Memorial Day and formally remember those Officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. I truly believe in the importance of remembering and never forgetting that for some life didn’t go on.

This Sunday marked the 15th National Police Memorial Day and it was particularly poignant that the Ceremony took place in Northern Ireland, which has seen more than its fair share of tragedy.

It is a very humbling day made more so as family and friends who lost loved ones take part in the service. They are a stark reminder of those police officers who got up one day, just like any other day, and went to work to serve their community yet never came home again.  Sid Mackay, the father of Nina Mackay killed in 1997, laid a wreath and the extremely brave wife of PC Dixon, a Thames Valley officer killed on his police motorbike in December 2017, lit a candle whilst holding their six-month old son who will never know his dad. It really brings home the reality of the sacrifice some officers and their families have made.

To me, remembering them is the least we can do.”

Next year’s National Police Memorial Day will take place in Glasgow on Sunday 29th September.


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