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Metfriendly Police Family Finance Index Report 2023

The cost of living is hitting the pockets of UK Police hard. The vast majority are saying they have financial concerns and some are missing meals due to lack of money, according to the latest findings in the Police Family Finance Index from Metfriendly.

This latest survey was carried out during February and March 2023 and over 3,000 responses were
received. The survey was promoted nationally, with support from the National and local Police
Federations and many other Police stakeholders.

The research aims to identify and measure critical financial challenges facing the Police Family and
establish an ongoing measure to enable comparison over time.

According to the latest findings, the cost of living is hitting Police pockets hard, with the vast majority (86%) saying they have financial concerns and 27% missing meals due to lack of money.

The survey finds that on all indicators around financial wellbeing, the Police Family is in a worse position than they were six months ago.

Annette Petchey, Chief Executive Officer, Metfriendly said: “To know that more than a quarter of serving Police Officers and Support Staff simply cannot afford to eat is unforgivable. The Police play a critical role in keeping us safe, yet they are putting themselves and potentially others at risk by having to play financial roulette and making difficult choices between paying bills and feeding their family or themselves.”

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley said: “It cannot be right that police officers, the people who society turn to when they are most in need, are themselves turning to food banks, getting into unsustainable debt and choosing not to eat so they can pay their bills.

“We now know that 86 per cent of Met officers and staff are worried about their finances. We also know we are struggling to recruit enough new officers in London’s competitive employment market and I’m certain that pay is a key factor.”

Thank you to everyone who responded to the latest Police Family Finance survey.

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