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Children's Savings Plans

Naturally everyone wants to give their children the best possible start in life.

Putting a little aside for them as they grow up can have huge benefits for them later on. Imagine how wonderful it would be for your child to receive a substantial sum of money as they are start making their way in life as adults.

They could put it towards a university education, get themselves on the way to owning their own home or they could use it to follow their dreams such as starting a business. Planning now for your child’s financial future can reap huge rewards later in their lives. Rewards that can have long-lasting positive effects on their lives.

Over the years Metfriendly has helped many parents, grandparents, friends or other relatives steadily put a little aside as a wonderful investment in a child’s future.

We have three great products all designed to help you put something aside for a child. Click on the one below that’s right for you.

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Monthly Savings Junior ISA

Save regularly, with flexibility 

  • vary, stop or restart premiums
  • invest small lump sums
  • tax free savings

Lump Sum Junior ISA

  • invest lump sums of £1,500 and over
  • higher potential growth than Cash ISAs
  • tax free savings

Children's Saving Plan

Simply save £25 a month for when they’re older

  • fixed term
  • low monthly premium
  • tax exempt at maturity

‘I’ve used Metfriendly for the last 5 years and recently the money has gone towards a deposit for our house which we are moving into next month. I will be signing back up next month to help save towards my kids future.’


Amanda Cooper (Met CC, Bow)

Good service – always very helpful and informative.

Miss J Coward, South Norwood, London

Great opportunity for family members to be offered the same offers as members.

Miss A McLeary, ESB

Very happy with the service. I have a number of policies for myself and my children.

Police Sergeant S Drysdale, DPS Borough Support

‘I have always been pleased with the returns from my Metfriendly policies.’

Mr P Payne, Bordon

‘Hassle-free savings that are started every year on my behalf, without me having to call up.’


D.C. R McLaren, Hackney Borough Stations

‘Very pleased with the service I’ve received to help me save money direct from my salary.’

DC Chris W, SO15

‘I would recommend Metfriendly to everyone.’

Mrs V Thompson, Dagenham

‘I’ve used Metfriendly for the last 5 years and recently the money has gone towards a deposit for our house. I will be signing back up next year to help save towards my kids future.’

Mrs A Cooper, Met CC, Bow