Children's Savings Plans

Naturally everyone wants to give their children the best possible start in life.

Putting a little aside for them as they grow up can have huge benefits for them later on. Imagine how wonderful it would be for your child to receive a substantial sum of money as they start making their way in life as adults.

They could put it towards a university education, get themselves on the way to owning their own home or they could use it to follow their dreams such as starting a business. Planning now for your child’s financial future can reap huge rewards later in their lives. Rewards that can have long-lasting positive effects on their lives.

Over the years Metfriendly has helped many parents, grandparents, friends or other relatives steadily put a little aside as a wonderful investment in a child’s future.

Let us help you put something aside for a child’s future. Click on the products below to find out more.

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Junior ISA

Save regularly, with flexibility 

  • invest lump sums, monthly contributions or a combination of both
  • 1.5% guaranteed annual bonus until April 2025 for new Junior ISAs opened in the 2024/25 tax year, plus eligible for final bonus after three full tax years investment
  • transfer Junior ISAs held with other providers

Metfriendly Escalator

  • an add-on for your Junior ISA, to help you reach your savings goals quicker
  • automatically increase your monthly contributions each year, by a minimum of £10, until you tell us to stop
  • vary, add a lump sum, stop or restart your monthly contributions at any time

Children's Saving Plan

Simply save £25 a month for when they’re older

  • fixed term
  • low monthly premium
  • tax exempt at maturity

Do you have a Child Trust Fund?

  • transfers welcome into ISAs from Child Trust Funds (CTF)
  • invest the CTF as a lump sum and add monthly premiums
  • continuing tax-free savings

‘Very pleased with the service I’ve received to help me save money direct from my salary.’

DC Chris W, SO15

‘I have always been pleased with the returns from my Metfriendly policies.’

Mr P Payne, Bordon

Great opportunity for family members to be offered the same offers as members.

Miss A McLeary, ESB

‘Hassle-free savings that are started every year on my behalf, without me having to call up.’


D.C. R McLaren, Hackney Borough Stations

Good service – always very helpful and informative.

Miss J Coward, South Norwood, London

‘I’ve used Metfriendly for the last 5 years and recently the money has gone towards a deposit for our house which we are moving into next month. I will be signing back up next month to help save towards my kids future.’


Amanda Cooper (Met CC, Bow)

Very happy with the service. I have a number of policies for myself and my children.

Police Sergeant S Drysdale, DPS Borough Support

‘I would recommend Metfriendly to everyone.’

Mrs V Thompson, Dagenham

‘I’ve used Metfriendly for the last 5 years and recently the money has gone towards a deposit for our house. I will be signing back up next year to help save towards my kids future.’

Mrs A Cooper, Met CC, Bow